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A Letter from a Little

I'm SO glad I met my big sister, Jessi, because without her help and
guidance I would probably be the shy girl who never tried anything new.
Jessi helped me discover new things and learn a lot of things that I wouldn't have figured
out by myself. I'm so thankful of BBBS Lincoln because without this program I would have
never met someone who would go to basketball games, baseball games, help with my
homework, watch movies, have nice chats with and help me break out of my shell with.
I think one of my favorite things that we did together was when we went to the park
together and painted canvases together and just talked. We tried a lot of new things,
but I didn't seem to care as long as I was hanging out with her because no matter what
we did I knew we were going to have a good time. I gained so much knowledge and wisdom
from Jessi and I couldn't have asked for a better big than Jessi. The best thing about being
Jessi's little was that she was a great "teacher" and she was always helpful in my
stressful situations and I don't think I could've gotten a better big sister
and I will forever be grateful for her.

- Haley